Custom, Homemade Cremation Urns

Reclaimed barnwood cremation urn
Oak crematon urn

Reclaimed Barn Wood



Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult.
Add to that the many decisions you have to make and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  

Take a deep breath, and take your time. There are no “wrong” answers. 

Just consider the options and think about what will best honor your loved one
and preserve your own special memories.

Cremation urns come in a variety of shapes and materials.  Ours aren’t for everyone, but they just might be for you.  We offer a variety of HANDMADE wooden urns with additional customized features.  We’ve been supplying funeral homes for years, but until now our products were not available directly to the public.

Please take a moment to read some interesting and important information About Us, and then peruse our beautiful urns on the Product Page.  We believe when you know more about us you’ll feel very comfortable allowing us to provide the perfect urn for you!
Thanks for considering us.

Order homemade cremation urns online with Hearthstone Urns.

Custom, handmade cremation urns

Handtools used to craft homemade cremtion urns.


"You don’t know how much this means to me. This rustic style is exactly what my husband would have wanted.
I'm so glad to have found it.  Thank you and God Bless!"

-KH from Tennessee

"Your urns are a perfect choice for people who choose a more natural look.
This is the urn I want for my husband's ashes."

-A Customer from Texas

"You are doing a super job with your customer service. Thank you again for your kindness."


"I received the wooden urn and was blown away by how beautiful it turned out. 
I love everything about it."

-Elizabeth from California

"This was so perfect.  It is a beautiful thing in a very dark time."

-Anna from Texas

"Hearthstone Urns went out of their way to deliver a unique urn perfectly suited to the precious young man whose ashes will inhabit it.  This special creation far exceeded my hopes."

-Purchaser of a custom order from Washington

"I bought this urn because my mother loved horses. 
It's so beautifully made and of the very best quality."  

-Adrian from California