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There are dozens of companies selling cremation urns online. 
Here are some things we’d like you to know when deciding where to buy.

Each of our urns is lovingly built by skilled Amish craftsmen using time tested techniques.  These are truly heirloom pieces.  


The Amish maintain a simple lifestyle, devoid of such modern innovations as electricity and telephones!  By purchasing one of our urns you help support these hard-working families and their simple way of life.  

The rustic metal trim and nametags are added by a crew of young people with disabilities.  Besides the work they do for us, they offer a variety of services and products that receive rave reviews from customers, and that allow these special workers to experience success and productivity using their own unique skills. Since we partner with them, purchasing an urn from Hearthstone Urns contributes to this worthy endeavor.


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